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From My Mind to Your Soul

At the MuCCC

142 Atlantic Avenue

Rochester. NY 14607

The Week's Schedule

Special Week's Pass to all shows   $30.00

Monday June 26, "Reflections" 7:30 am FREE

You are invited to a pre-reading of this new play in development to be staged in 2018.


Tuesday June 27, "From My Mind to Your Soul" 7:30 pm ticket price $10.00

A journey from 1960 to the present day that spans 57 years of the writer's life featuring African American history , poetry and stories from his journal during that time. A time of dreams, happiness, sadness, love and success.


Wednesday June 28, "Back Yard Stories From 1018 15th Avenue South"

"Mattie and JC" a play memoir, 7:30 pm ticket price $10.00

This is the 4th play in the 10 play memoir series, "Back Yard Stories". This play centers around C. Kirkland's mother and father and CK leaving home (Nashville). Mattie and JC had four children, two boys and two girls and was married for 50 years. CK was the only child to leave home after college, only to return on short visits.


Friday June 30 & & July 1 "TALK" 7:30 pm Ticket $15.00, $20.00 at the door

A drama in two acts, written by C. Kirkland Rivers and directed by Gary Dewitt Marshall

"TALK" examines the impact the main character (Charlie) has on the lives of people close to him and the agendas his friends and relations try to impose on Charlie for their benefit. Why at this moment must Charlie try to rectify a deed done over forty years ago before it's too late.


For information call 585-271-7010