One Act Play - Entry Form 2018

Night of 10 Minute Plays - Entry Form 2018
MMB Theatre 1 Project will take entries and scripts for 5 original 10 minute plays written by local playwrights
Plays will be selected for staging at the 11th annual "Sankofa Theatre Fest" held August 29 - September 8,  at the MuCCC, Multi-use Community Cultural Center.
Once all the entry forms and scripts are reviewed, playwrights will be notified if their play is selected for production.
Rules for 10 minute plays:
Title: "Living Here LOL"

  • Submission deadline by June 30, 2018
  • Plays must focus on African American life impressions from the ridiculous to the absurd 
  • Plays can be based on current events, relationships or personal experience 
  • 1 to 3 characters ideal 
  • Playwright is responsible for securing actors and director for staging
  • Staging- Chairs, tables or platforms only (3 minutes set up time)
  • Playwright may direct their play
  • No special lighting
  • Playwright must attend all production meetings
  • If the playwright is also directing the play and is a first time director, they must attend the director's workshop 
  • You may submit your play in hard copy or

Any questions - contact Curtis K. Rivers at 585-271-7010 or
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