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About MMB Theatre 1 Project


MMB Theatre 1 Project

 "Bringing Life to the Stage"

Vision: Provide a venue where theatrical artists can create, network, and learn from each other!

MMB Theatre 1 Project is the creative arm of Mood Makers Books, an independent African American bookstore with expertise in afrocentric and multcultural literature.

MMB Theatre 1 Project was established in August 2007 as the performing arts segment of the annual Sankofa Festival held in the Village Gate Courtyard, the fourth week-end in August for many years. MMB Theatre 1 Project/Mood Makers Books is located in the "neighborhood of the Arts", Rochester, New York.

MMB Theatre 1 Project is a "project oriented" theatrical organization dedicated to developing original works by local and regional playwrights with a focus on enhancing playwriting, directing and acting. 

Each year MMB Theatre 1 Project ask local playwrights to submit one-act plays to be considered for staging at the annual Sankofa Evening of Theatre & Jazz Fest held the fourth week-end in August at the MuCCC, Multi-use Community Cultural Center (142 Atlantic Avenue) Rochester New York. Once all the entries and scripts are submitted, they are reviewed and playwrights are notified if their play has been selected for staging. Six to seven plays are selected for staging over  three nights.

For information about MMB Theatre 1 Project contact Curtis K. Rivers, Producer/Director